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About Us

Founded in 2012, Orange County's first Halotherapy Wellness Center began in Garden Grove. Originally created by Romanian native, Robert Condraschi, for his own son's well-being.  His young son had many respiratory ailments. Robert took him home to the salt mines in Romania to heal him and decided his son and all Southern Californians would benefit from Salt Therapy. 

Having utilized Salt Therapy for his own family, he was right, Southern Californians loved it too!  After 3 successful years in Garden Grove, he moved the business to Irvine.  After 3 more successful years bringing the benefits of salt to Orange County, he sold the business to me, Cindy Gallant-- one of his long time clients-- so that he could return to Romania.  I've been doing Salt Therapy for my year round dust allergy since 2012.  It quickly changed my life and I never looked back!

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NEW! Body Sculpting by Ali
(@body_sculpt_by_ali on Instagram)

Mondays & Wednesdays, 10am - 1pm

  • Lipo Cavitation:

    • Treatment time: 30-60 mins

    • Benefits: results in inch loss while contouring the body (individual results may vary)​

    • Results are permanent (4-12 sessions recommended)

    • Pain level: none (slight buzzing sound in ear)​​; no recovery time!

  • ​​Radio Frequency​​​:​

    • Treatment time: 30-60

    • Benefits: melts fat, contours your body, and leaves skin firmer & tighter

    • Results are permanent (6-12 sessions recommended)

    • Pain level: none (feels like a hot stone massage)​; no recovery time!

  • Wood therapy:

    • Treatment time: 15-60 mins​

    • Benefits: breaks down fat while molding and contouring the body (individual results may vary)

    • Results are permanent (8-12 sessions recommended)

    • Pain level: mild pressure (may cause slight bruising); no recovery time!

  • Non-invasive Brazilian Butt Lift:​

    • Treatment time: 60 mins​

    • Benefits: plumps, firms and lifts the booty! (Equivalent to 1,500 squats)

    • Results are permanent (4-12 sessions recommended)

    • Pain level: treatment requires suction cups, so you may feel tugging or pressure (may cause redness and slight bruising); no recovery time!

  • ​Laser Lipo​
    • Treatment time: 30-60 mins​
    • Benefits: liquefies fat cells
    • Results are permanent (4-12 sessions recommended)
    • Pain level: none (feels warm); no recovery time!


25 Minute, 45 Minute & 75 Minute Sessions Available!


Private Salt Sessions

Like a Toothbrush for Your Lungs & Sinuses!



Increase Microcirculation Utilizing Frequency

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Far Infrared Sauna

BYOT-- Bring Your Own Towel!

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Red Light Therapy & Vibration Plate

Do One or Both Simultaneously!


Introductory Offer:

Your first BEMER PEMF Micro-Circulation Session is FREE!


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17777 Main St D, Irvine, CA 92614, USA

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