Our facility

Our facility has three treatment rooms to meet your individual needs. All rooms are coated from floor to ceiling with multiple layers of pure, untreated salt, creating a negative ion microclimate that is restorative, relaxing, aesthetically pleasing, and virtually free of bacteria. A specially designed halogenerator disperses microscopic particles of salt, rich in minerals and brimming with therapeutic properties, into the room during each session.

The 2 adult rooms features anti gravity reclining chaise lounges, relaxing ambient lighting and a soothing music soundtrack. Each room can accommodate maximum to 3 adults for one session.

Our children’s room features a variety of toys, and a flat screen television so your child can enjoy his or her favorite program or DVD. For an additional fee, parents are welcome to accompany their children into the treatment, or they may relax in the lounge and keep an eye on their children through the glass door.