Our story

Our story started when our son was 2 years old. He was sick more often than he was well. We were frequently taking him to the pediatrician or urgent care for fever, colds, flu etc.

On top of that our son, Constantin, had developed breathing problems. He would stop breathing from time to time when he slept, snored and wheezed. After many trips to the doctor and diagnoses of asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, flu and then sleep apnea, we were finally referred to a doctor specializing in respiratory problems. He advised us that Constantin’s tonsils and adenoids were too big and needed to be removed.

Even though my wife and I believe in science and, of course, in western medicine (my wife is a registered nurse, a nurse educator and a diabetes educator), we agreed to try an alternative method before opting for surgery. We looked into salt therapy. It is very popular, especially in Europe, where it has been recognized and prescribed by physicians an therapists alike for centuries.

Three days after making the decision, my son and I were on the plane to Romania (Eastern Europe). After just two sessions of salt therapy at a salt mine close to Bucharest, I had one of my happiest moments! My son actually slept quietly and peacefully throughout the night. The best results are that he has not been wheezing or snoring or showing signs of sleep apnea since! We had visited the salt mine everyday for three weeks and the results were amazing.

Upon returning home, I could not stop thinking of these fantastic results and knew I had to open a salt room where children like my son, or anyone with respiratory problems could come and get help.

I say, believe in science and believe in the power of Mother Nature’s remedies!

We thank all the doctors who helped us diagnose and tried to help Constantin, and we thank God for providing a natural alternative that has worked so well for us.