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Salt Therapy

Parenting OC Magazine

I understand salt therapy is good for adults and children who suffer from variety of respiratory and skin-related illnesses. I have read about it gaining popularity in the United States. It is really safe for children?

Salt therapy, halotherapy or speleotherapy is the use of salt mines or salt caves or other forms of exposure to salt air in the belief that it confers a health benefit.

Salt of the earth

The Orange County Register

The videotapes showed very clearly that the toddler was not breathing for short intervals at night. The 2-year-old was frequently sick and was getting worse, with bouts of bronchitis, asthma, even pneumonia.

The Condraschi family believes in modern medicine, good old-fashioned science. Corina, the little boy’s mother, is a registered nurse and medical educator in Orange County.

The Salt of the Earth Comes to Garden Grove

Garden Grove TV3

Salt aroma therapy has been used for decades in Europe and now comes to Garden Grove. Mayor Bill Dalton investigates OC Salt Therapy where Owner Robert Condraschi says clients will breathe easier.