Research/Clinical studies

The first Salt Therapy facility in Orange County, California is offering the opportunity to discover and experience one of the secrets of Mother Nature SALT.

Salt therapy is 100% drug free, is natural and presents no side effects. It provides long term relief from respiratory problems.


Our Story

Our story started when our son was 2 years old. He was sick more often than he was well. We were frequently taking him to the pediatrician or urgent care for fever, colds, flu etc.

On top of that our son, Constantin, had developed breathing problems. He would stop breathing from time to time when he slept, snored and wheezed.



“Wonderful healing environment…more people need to discover it!”

“Second time having bronchitis and I must say salt therapy broke up the congestion, and I feel so much better. Going back this Tuesday for another treatment.”


The Salt of the Earth Comes to Garden Grove

Salt aroma therapy has been used for decades in Europe and now comes to Garden Grove. Mayor Bill Dalton investigates OC Salt Therapy where Owner Robert Condraschi says clients will breathe easier.

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